Project partner NGO Pusa


NGO Pusa (registration code: 80349691) was created in November 2012.

NGO Pusa goal is to promote children´s and youth development through improving the availability and implementation of diverse support services.


To reach the goal:

  • a variety of children’s and youth-development activities are organized and carried out;
  • cooperation with children and youth-related organizations, and educational institutions are made;
  • professionals working with children and young people are trained.


NGO Pusa previous projects


Project „Out of frame“ was a two-day student conference with creativity activating actions.

Project was funded by Youth Foundation of Tartu County and Tartu County Government.



Project „High-risk youth prevention project – a purposeful creative groupwork“. There were 100  students who paticipated in creative groupwork. Students were from mainstream schools and some of them were directed to the creative groupwork by Adolescent Comision of Tartu County Government. Groupwork duration was 16 times. It was twice a week and every time lasted 90 minutes. To evaluate the effectiveness of creative groupwork the research-based study was carried out. Research showed that children social skills and coping with their emotions improved.

Project was funded by Ministry of the Interior.