Summary of the interim report 01.01.2015-30.04.2015


Project activities are continuing according to the project plan. The goal of this project period was to establish project team and in cooperation with partners from NGO Pusa to start project activities to promote principles of the inclusive education.



  1. Project team of 7 people continues with project activities.
  2. Working focus group of ~20 people has continuing work for future leading, monitoring and analysis of the project’s content.
  3. 1 regional day (Pärnu 14.01.15) to introduce the idea of the project and to map training needs of the target group has been carried out for 43 participants.
  4. 5-day training for 10 people has been held in Norway.
  5. 3-day training courses for 4 regions of Estonia have been prepared for project’s direct target group (at least for 40 institutions – kindergarten, school teams of 3-4 people from each institution); first 3-day training has been carried out in the region of Tartu.