Summary of the interim report 01.01.2016-31.04.2016


Project team of 7 people continues with project activities according to the project plan. This period was very busy – preparing for the meetings, trainings and continuing work with different materials for research, project-book and report.



  1. As a result of the training: colleagues and other professionals (~400 people from the project institutions) have been included. Many of them got professional counselling from project team and experts.
  2. Project activities were reported in the media: articles in 3 different printed presses were published during the period.
  3. In collaboration with the University of Tartu a research-based study (2nd part) was held in 40 schools/kindergartens.
  4. During the whole period children and their families (~2000 people) have been informed about operation of inclusive education model; many ideas were shared.
  5. Conference for all project members and the other educators (~140 people) was organized in Tartu to promote inclusive education, share results and plan for the next steps.
  6. An experience guidebook / instructional material was issued (500 copies, 118 pages); all the participants got it with certificates.
  7. Project team prepared materials for reporting and analysed the whole project period.