Summary of the interim report 01.05.2015-31.08.2015


Project team of 7 people continues with project activities according to the project plan.

  1. Working focus group of ~20 people: there has been 4 meetings (with project team) about planning, leading and analysing different parts of the project.
  2. Completed 3-day trainings for the direct target group at least for 40 institutions (kindergarten, school teams of 3-4 people from each institution); trainings took place in 3 regions of Estonia: Valga, Rakvere, PĂ€rnu (106 participants).
  3. 2-day summer training has been carried out for the whole target group of 40 institutions of the project. 138 teachers, specialists, trainers and project partners participated in seminar in KĂ€smu on August 27-28.

In collaboration with the University of Tartu a research-based study (1st part) has taken place in 40 schools/kindergartens.