Summary of the interim report 01.09.2014-31.12.2014


All project activities are continued according to the project plan. We continued cooperation with project partner NGO Pusa and established cooperation with representatives from 11 municipalities, 2 experts from Ministry of Education and Research and 2 experts from counselling centres.


The results of this project period:

  1. Working focus group of 25 people: monitoring and analysis for the project’s content of activities are taking place.
  2. The project’s team has worked together and prepared 4 regional days in different parts of Estonia.
  3. 3 regional days (Tartu, Valga and Jõhvi) to introduce the idea of the project and to map training needs of the target group have been carried out; participants are very interested about the project.
  4. 5-day training for 10 people has been prepared and will be held in Norway in January.