Summary of the interim report 01.09.2015-31.12.2015


  1. Project team of 7 people continued cooperation with focus group of the project. Meetings, discussions and trainings took place systematically during the project period. There have been 2 big seminars- meetings (30.09.2015 and 15.12.2015). Topics were about summarising, planning and analysing different parts of project, also training “Using folklore as method in the work with children”.
  2. Project team members helped to develop and work out action plan documents for systematic work of inclusive education at schools and kindergartens of project.
  3. Cooperation seminar was held on 5th of October in the Centre of JÔgevamaa Rajaleidja with aim to share good practices with specialists and project team and find more possibilities for future.
  4. Project team started with counselling process at schools and kindergartens of the project.
  5. In collaboration with the University of Tartu a second part of research-based study started (training for researchers, and piloting process at the institutions).
  6. Preparatory work of project-book is in the process: many materials are translated; authors of different part are selected by the concept of material.